Engineering Equipment India designs and manufactures Shell and Tube Waste heat recovery unit.

A waste heat recovery heat exchanger recovers energy from process and transfers heat from process outputs at high temperature to another part of the process utility, usually with increased efficiency.

Waste-heat recovery units are always placed downstream of other items of process equipment, the operating conditions of the Heat Exchanger will always be affected by the conditions in the upstream equipment.

Usually higher the temperature, higher the quality and more cost-effective is the heat recovery.

The Shell and Tube waste heat recovery are best suited in the recovery of heat from the process steam condensate, distillation process or refrigeration or air conditioning systems and as Engine coolants.

Quote with the following details for the techno-commercial offer
Medium to be heated- water/ gas/ air/ oil, pressure, temperature, flow of the medium
Heating medium- steam/ hot water/ thermic fluid- pressure and temperature