Turbine Oil Coolers are heat exchanger which transfers heat from the oil to the cooling media and manufactured for use with turbines driven by steam as well as gas. Lube oil used in a turbine to lubricate important components and to take the heat away from them.  This oil is recirculated to the system after cooling down through the Shell and Tube Turbine oil cooler. The function of the Turbine oil coolers is to ensure that the oil temperature leaving the bearings is below the permitted limit by removing the heat absorbed by the oil.

Cooling of the engine oil from the scavenge pump is done on a discriminative basis. If the oil is too hot, its viscosity is low and its pressure is high. These two factors combine to squeeze the oil in the tight space between the air conduits before it reaches the drain pipe. In the process, the hot oil transfers heat to the cold air flowing through the air conduits via the conducting walls of the copper tubes. The oil is therefore cooled down by the continuous flow of cold air through the air conduits. The colder oil then drains through the drain pipe to the oil tank below the oil cooler.

Generally, the Turbine Oil Cooler is manufactured out of the Carbon Steel and Copper/ Admiralty Brass/ Cupro-Nickel (90:10)/ Cupro-Nickel(70:30) Tubes depending upon the type of cooling water available.

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