Engineering Equipment India Generator Oil Coolers are designed and manufactured for maintaining the optimal operation of the engine, and the oil cooler ensures an adequate supply of oil to various accessory components thus avoiding unnecessary wear. We manufacture both Liquid Cooled Oil Coolers and Air Cooled Oil Coolers. The oil cooler is subjected to a very strict regime of inspection and regular maintenance.

The industry needs energy uninterruptedly so that the follow-up of the work in progress continues within normality.

Engine Oil Cooler is a Shell and Tube Oil Cooler. Coolant passes through the vessel which has a bundle of tubes that is immersed in the coolant. Oil flows through the tube bundle and is cooled by the surrounding coolant.

Why Generators need cooling?

Generators have numerous conductors which produce heat, as current flows through them. To avoid the risk of damage to the generators, the heat generated has to be cooled. Shell and Tube Oil Cooler can reduce this heat. By consistently cooling the generator, it is possible to minimize the risk of any damage to the generator.

Liquid-cooled Oil Cooler and Air-cooled Oil Coolers are based on the type of coolants for the generator.  Air-cooled systems are best for portable generators and Liquid Cooled Oil Coolers and best for Industrial generators

Liquid-cooled Oil Cooler systems are generally water-cooled systems. There are numerous types of liquid-cooled systems. Some operate using oil while others use coolants. Hydrogen is another cooling medium.

A Water-cooled Oil Cooler system moves the coolant around the engine using a number of hoses. The heat from the generator transfers naturally to the coolant, cooling the unit. This type of system is best for larger generators. The hydrogen cooled Oil Coolers have a high thermal conductivity. This allows these systems to pull out heat at a faster rate. As a result, they work well for larger systems that cannot be efficiently cooled using other coolants. with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Medium to be heated- water/ gas/ air/ oil, pressure, temperature, flow of the medium
Heating medium- steam/ hot water/ thermic fluid- pressure and temperature