Engineering Equipment India designed and manufactured Furnace oil heater/fuel oil heaters and are used to heat furnace oil to the desired temperature before combustion in the furnace. They are also called preheaters because the furnace oil is heated indirectly to the requisite temperature, to maintain the flow and also the viscosity.

Furnace oil heaters are either electric or steam heating systems. The heaters are coil type and shell and tube type. Oil temperature is maintained to ensure that complete combustion occurs under optimal conditions, thereby reducing pollutants and increasing efficiency.

If the temperature of the oil is less, its viscosity is high and its pressure is low. As a result, it is more difficult for oil to flow in-between the air conduits. Hence, the cold oil flows mostly in the larger clearance between the pack of copper tubes and the outer casing of the oil cooler before draining to the oil tank. This permits the cold oil to bypass the cooling mechanism of the oil cooler when no cooling is needed or desired. Thus, the oil cooler provides cooling of the engine oil only when it is required. Consequently, the oil is maintained within a temperature range appropriate for the safe and efficient operation of the turbine engine.The heater is designed in such a way that it does not heat the entire tank filled with oil – it only heats the oil that flows through the heater thus cutting down the kilowatt (kW) rating which otherwise may require to heat entire oil tank. The operation is smooth and safe. with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Medium to be heated- water/ gas/ air/ oil, pressure, temperature, flow of the medium
Heating medium- steam/ hot water/ thermic fluid- pressure and temperature