Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

EEI has successfully designed and manufactured STHE with heat duty values ranging from 6,500 kcal/hr to 45,90,500 kcal/hr.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE) are used to transfer heat from one medium to another. These heat exchangers are highly efficient in recovery of heat without an accompanying phase change. Be it fluids, gases, steam or vapours, these heat exchangers are effective in carrying out the heat recovery.

Shell and Tube Exchangers can be designed as Fixed tube sheet, Floating head, and U tube. Fixed tube sheet provides maximum heat transfer area for a given shell and tube diameter, also provides for single and multiple tubes passes to assure proper velocity. Floating tube sheet allows for differential thermal expansion between the shell and the tube bundle. U-tube design allows for differential thermal expansion between the shell and the tube bundle, and individual tubes.

Basis of Shell and tube exchangers  two-phase heat transfer process design:

Vaporization is the change from the liquid phase to the vapour phase.  Condensation is the change from vapour phase to the liquid phase.  The change from liquid to vapor or vapor to liquid occurs at saturation temperature or equilibrium temperature for a pure fluid compound at a given pressure. The heat exchanger used for condensation is called condenser. In industrial condensers, the condensate wets the surface and flows on the surface in the form of a film, it is called film condensation.

Shell and Tube water cooled Condensers and Shell and Tube Evaporators are designed and manufactured for air conditioning and Industrial refrigeration applications.

The heat exchangers can be made by different material such as Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy stainless steel, duplex stainless (304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.) and their cladding steels, carbon steel and other alloys with lead cladding). All our heat exchangers are designed as per ASME, HEI, and TEMA.

Application of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are designed and manufactured for maintaining the optimal operation of the engine.

Turbine Oil Coolers are manufactured for use with turbines driven by steam as well as gas.

Furnace oil heater/fuel oil heaters are used to heat furnace oil to a desired temperature before combustion in the furnace.

Waste heat found in the exhaust gas of various processes and from the exhaust stream of a conditioning unit which can be used to preheat the incoming gas. with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Medium to be heated- water/ gas/ air/ oil, pressure, temperature, flow of the medium
Heating medium- steam/ hot water/ thermic fluid- pressure and temperature