Self Supported Steel Chimney

EEI has designed, manufactured and supplied Self supported stainless steel chimney with a height of 30m to 93m, for various capacities of Diesel Generating sets and power plants.

EEI has also designed manufactured and supplied over 350 chimneys to companies in India and abroad.

Self Supported Steel Chimney or stacks are ideally suited for process work where a short heat-up period and low thermal capacity are required. Chimney or stacks are industrial structures for emission of poisonous gases to a higher elevation such that the gases do not contaminate surrounding atmosphere. These structures are very tall, slender and with circular cross-sections.

Self supported steel chimneys are designed to handle hot air, hot flue gases from various furnace and heat recovery units.

The basic criteria to design the Self supported Steel chimneys are wind load, earthquake load, dead load, imposed load, shear force and maximum bending moment.

Design and construction of chimneys has become a specialized field with lots of scope for further research and development. Design of steel chimney recognizes the influence of aerodynamic shadow on the height of chimney.

Steel chimneys are supplied to various industries as per the prevalent code of practice up to the height of 93 m (305 ft) and the maximum shaft diameter 2750 mm. with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Type: self supported/ structurally supported
Hot gas: flow, pressure, temperature
Sulphur dioxide present in flue gas /Height required
Material of construction