Screw Conveyor

EEI has successfully designed, manufactured and supplied screw conveyors up to 25 meters long, 20 degrees inclination, with 8500 kg/hr of powder handling capability.

Screw conveyors are also known as spiral and worm conveyors.

Screw conveyors are used to transport materials along a plane. Screw conveyors consist of a helical screw element that rotates around a central shaft, driving the work material according to the screw design and rotational direction. The helical screw functions within a casing, trough or compartment, in order to take full advantage of the rotational force.

In the food industry screw conveyors are used to transport materials such as flakes, grains, powders, seeds and granules. Alternatively, these devices can be used to mix, agitate or blend such materials or to maintain solutions. Screw conveyors are also an excellent solution to operations requiring the transport of wet, non-flowing and caking materials that might otherwise be difficult to move.

Screw conveyors also require a motor or other drive to power the motion of the screw. In general, wear and corrosion resistant materials are preferred in the manufacture of screw conveyors; carbon steel is regularly used. Electric and fuel driven power sources are also available.

Screw conveyors are rated by their capacity per hour (or other time unit) and by the screw diameter. Certain models, such as bottom conveyors, use multiple screws in an open trough. Centerless screw conveyors do not contain a central shaft, and instead consist of an empty helix. This design still produces movement in the substrate, but allows for more freedom within the casing. Manufacturers can also make a complete range of custom units designed according to the application. with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Type- horizontal/ inclined/ jacketed
Service- powder/ granule