Sample Coolers

EEI has designed, manufactured and supplied over 2500 sample cooler units.

The sample cooler is a low-pressure drop system for monitoring boiler water quality without shutting down the boiler system.

Samples of boiler water are taken at regular intervals to test that a boiler is operating at the required total dissolved solids level.

Sample coolers are used to take samples of water or steam from boilers at high temperature and pressure. The cooler consists of a stainless steel coil, through which the sample flows, and a stainless steel body, through which cooling water flows in the opposite direction. The counter-current flow through the shell and coil condenses the steam and cools hot fluids efficiently to enable safe sampling. The sample cooler reduces the boiler water temperature to around 25°C ready for immediate analysis. A predrilled mounting bracket is incorporated into both end caps.

sample-coolers with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Service- feed water/ condensate/ boiler water/ steam
Pressure, temperature and cooling water availability