Instrumentation & Piping System

Instrumentation & piping system which includes instrumentation and control system, Oil & Gas handling system, HP and LP Dosing systems, pressure reducing station are integral part of power & process plants.

Instrumentation & Control System (I&C)

An advanced instrumentation and control system plays a major role in the profitable operation of a plant. These systems assess the emissions and compliance. A large number of existing power plants have also been modified with advanced digital systems throughout the world. These advanced I&C systems used with the new software programs allow plant operators o identify factors affecting equipment performance more quickly and accurately. This results in the reduced maintenance cost and better monitoring of plant equipment condition. The I&C control reduces the air pollutants through better monitoring. Over all the life of the plant is increased by achieving maximum efficiency and maintenance through I&C systems with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Control philosophy of process
Pneumatic/ DCS/ PLC
Control logic along with piping and instrumentation diagram