Industrial Silencers

Engineering Equipment India has designed, manufactured and supplied over 18,000 Industrial silencers to our domestic and international clients. We have supplied Steam Silencers with a maximum pressure of 140 kg/cm2 and 185 TPH of steam flow.

Industrial Silencers are used to reduce the dB noise generated when planned or unexpected pressurized-steam, air, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide or other process gases are vented (blown off) from high pressure to atmosphere. At such times, high noise levels are generated in factories and manufacturing plants which are dangerous to factory workers, plant personnel and environmentally unacceptable.

dB Noise source in Industrial, Process and Petrochemical Plant may be from Atmospheric intake and/ or Exhaust noise like from Air Compressors and Exhausters, I.C.engines, Gas and Steam vents i.e. where there is a direct path to the atmosphere from the noise generator. The other source of noise may be from the pipework systems, that is, the lines downstream of pressure reduction or pressure regulating valves, fan ducts, compressor pipework.

Types of Noise

Periodic or Stable Noise generated by rotating equipment like fan, pump, and turbines

Random Noise is associated with turbulent fluid flow conditions like combustion noise, noise from atmospheric steam or gas vents.

Determination of Silencer Requirement

The silencer requirement is determined based on

a) In-Plant Noise, which affects the personnel

b) Plant Periphery noise-which affects local residents

c) The Government guidelines on the allowable noise limit

We specialize in Industrial Steam Silencers for the application of Safety valves and startup vent where Steam is discharged to the atmosphere. They are designed for outdoor duty in order to reduce annoying neighborhood noise

  • Steam Vent Silencers
  • Natural Gas vent Silencers
  • Drum Safety Valve Exhaust Silencers
  • Super Heater Safety Valve Exhaust Silencers
  • Warm-up and Start-up Vent Valve Silencers
  • Electromatic Safety Valve Exhaust (EMSV) Silencers

The expanded acoustic absorption Silencer comprises of 2 main components: the diffuser forming a perforated extension to the exhaust pipe surrounded by various concentric perforated shells, and an acoustically lined casing.

The various perforated shells divide the discharge flow into a multi-tube of small jets which together with attenuating the transmitted noise, also modifies the noise regenerated at the atmospheric outlet. The acoustically lined casings further attenuate the noise present within the silencer.

The silencer is provided with sealing arrangement at the inlet to allow for the thermal expansion of the exhaust pipe. Industrial silencers work by expanding the incoming flow through many small nozzles. This expansion creates a reduction and frequency shift in the vent noise.

By accurately selecting the nozzle size, spacing and pattern, the overall noise reduction can be optimized.

The pressure drop across the inlet diffuser is selected according to the duty of the silencer. We can examine the pressure losses through the pipework and recommend the most suitable silencer pressure drop for the vent duty.

Determination of Characteristics of the Noise Source.

The Noise of Industrial, process and petrochemical plant noises can be analyzed, for reducing purpose. Using an octave band spectrum as shown will help to analyze the existing noise problems.

Determination of Characteristics of the Noise Source. with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Medium to be silenced- Steam/ Air/ Gas
Service- Boiler/ blower/ DG exhaust/ gas turbine exhaust
Flow, pressure and temperature of medium – steam/ air/ exhaust gas
Inlet Noise in dBA
Outlet noise required