Flash Vessel

Engineering Equipment India has designed, manufactured and supplied Flash Vessels for oil field system of national and international customers.

Flash Vessel is a 2-way separator of steam and water.

A flash vessel or flash drum, an essentially a vapour-liquid separator consist simply of an empty vessel, which causes the fluid velocities in the entering pipe to be reduced by enlarging the cross-sectional area of flow.

The entire process of liquid and gas separation consist of Primary separation section, Secondary separation section & Liquid separation section. At the outlet mist eliminator is employed for removal of droplets/ moisture from the gas/steam.

The function of a flash tank is to allow high pressure condensate to flash and obtain low pressure steam. This low-pressure steam is then used to supply heat to a “low” pressure supply main. It can also be used to reduce and cool to low-pressure steam.

In the flash drum the steam is separated from the water, since the continuous blowdown water is not contaminated, the flash steam is taken for further use to re-introducing it to the boiler or condensate receiver, or discharge directly from the system.

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Medium to flashed/ handled : steam water mixture/ gas water mixture