The heating medium in Economiser is flue Gas. When Fins are attached to ordinary heat transfer surfaces they extend the surface available for heat transfer.


While the extended surface increases the total transmission of Heat, its influence as the surface is treated differently from simple conduction to convection. Gas-to-liquid heat transfer is also used for the recovery of waste heat from near-atmospheric combustion gases such as extended surfaces Economisers or otherwise called as Fin tube Economisers.


Transverse Fin Economisers in crossflow are used when the heat transfer coefficients of the fluids passing over are low. This applies particularly to gases and air at low and moderate pressures. Tubes are also available which have many very small fins integrally shaped from the tube metal itself and which are usable in conventional 1-2 exchangers with the baffled side-to-side flow. Transverse Fin Economisers are also used in larger gas cooling and Heating services, tempering coils for air-conditioning, air-cooled steam condensers for turbine and engine work.



Based on the temperature and application of High-Pressure Heaters, Medium Pressure Heaters and Low-Pressure Heaters are designed, manufactured and supplied.

In the Pharma Industry for drying the Tablets, various High Pressure or Low-pressure Economisers are used.

In Paper & Pulp Industry and Milk Powder drying medium Pressure, Economisers are used.

Low-Pressure Fin Tube Economiser is selected for the agro-based industries.

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