Duct and Expansion Bellows

Duct and expansion bellows are designed, manufactured and supplied for high temperatures and pressure, upto 3000 mm of water column, to handle air and hot gases.

In a power plant or process plant, expansion joints are used to absorb dimensional changes caused by contraction of a vessel, duct or pipeline due to thermal expansion. Based on the pressure, size and temperature of the pipe more number of expansion bellow should be installed.

Expansion joints can produce resistance after being shrunk or stretched. The resistance from the metal expansion joint is greater than that from the non-metallic expansion joint. If the resistance is too much it will damage the surrounding equipment gradually.

The type of expansion joint used in power plant, steel plant, petrochemical plant, sugar plant, aluminium and atomic energy is rectangular/ circular bellow.

These rectangular bellows/ circular bellows can be metallic or non- metallic joints.

Metallic bellows are fabricated from a standard and exotic alloys like stainless steelĀ andĀ titanium and also high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials.

Non-metallic expansion joint has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and also has superior performance of acid and alkali resistance. Non-metallic bellows are fabricated with heat and erosion resistant flexible material, which can be a single ply of rubberized material or a composite made of multiple layers. Non-metallic expansion joints do not need maintenance in normal service life cycle. Non-metallic expansion joint can be assembled directly on installation location. If replacement is required, without removing the metal frame the fabric components can be easily wound up.

The expansion bellows have skirt plates to prevent accumulation of dust in the bellow.

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