Power Plant Operation & Maintenance

Engineering Equipment India offers consultancy on Re-engineering, Operation and Maintenance, Consultancy Services to power plants customers.

We are experienced in technical and commercial advices, preparation of O&M budget, O&M design review, recruitment of personnel, setting up of modern IT tools for production optimization and setting up of safety systems.

Full O&M: Our responsibility on full O&M for operation and maintenance of customer’s power plant includes planning of the operation, performing daily plant operations, plant maintenance, material and resource management.

  • O&M management: Our responsibility on O & M management is for the operations management which includes managing the key managers but the power plant owner provides the staff of the plant.
  • O&M Support Services: Our responsibility is to support the local staff of the customer’s site and remote status and performance monitoring of the plant.

Our skilled and experienced engineers, systematic operating processes and sophisticated software ensure that the Power plant’s performance is maintained in terms of health & safety, operating costs and efficiency.

contact@ee2i.com with general arrangement and detail of boiler,
age of the boiler, no. of outage in a year/ 5yrs.
Copy of log sheets for boiler and turbo alternator for recent 2 months, and
the list of equipment and its particulars