Power Plant: Buying & Selling

Engineering Equipment India has successfully completed a diversified catalogue of projects since our formation. Key relationships with our related companies and associates allow us to offer a 360° support philosophy, ensuring our end-to-end power solutions keep your equipment operating reliably and efficiently long after they have been commissioned.

EEI is a buyer and seller of new and pre-owned power plants- gas turbines & thermal, boiler components. We work with end users and power plant owners to assist in the buying, selling, re-engineering, installation and commissioning. The utilization of refurbished and used power plants enables EEI to provide developers of power plants, the benefits of cost and time savings compared to new equipment.

EEI is able to source and customize used power plants using innovative solutions based on the customer needs to achieve the highest standards in performance, reliability, availability, operability, and maintainability.

EEI has provided commissioning services for fluidized bed units, waste-to-energy, retrofits and fuel conversion projects. Facility designs are generated readily and efficiently. The benefits are shortened lead times, reduced capital costs, and shorter schedules.

EEI has engineered, constructed, and commissioned used gas-based power generating plants and we have also undertaken conversion and enhancement of power generating units. EEI’s engineering and construction professionals work with all major gas and steam turbine generator and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) suppliers.

The following types of Gas based used power plants are available:-

  •  Simple cycle
  •  Combined cycle
  •  Cogeneration/CHP

EEI has performed extensive EPC and commissioning services for solid-fuel used power plants ranging from 1 MW to 150 MW. Our experience covers all aspects of pulverized coal, Lignite, as well as fluidized bed combustion plant designs:

  • Supercritical pulverized coal
  • Circulating fluid bed
  • Subcritical pulverized coal
  • Biomass boiler

EEI’s used coal fired power plants, biomass power plants- husk, wood waste, saw dust, wood chips, bagasse can shorten lead times, reduce capital costs, and promote shorter schedules for your project.

EEI’s experience with solid-fuel power generation facilities encompasses many combustion technologies and manufacturers, and we have been involved in building several large power plant projects for independent power producer and industrial cogeneration customers.

EEI is at the forefront of commercializing renewable energy, servicing the solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal power markets. We offer a full range of services to bring renewable projects from conceptual design to final completion.

Solar Power

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of power plant process system design, EEI designs and constructs solar thermal power projects to allow the equipment to be quickly and reliably started while minimizing thermal stress on the system components.

Wind power

EEI can supply upto 500 MW offshore wind farm.

Renewable energy project development experience includes engineering, procurement of used power plants, construction, plant technology integration, program management, operations and maintenance, and commissioning services.

contact@ee2i.com with general arrangement and detail of boiler,
age of the boiler, no. of outage in a year/ 5yrs.
Copy of log sheets for boiler and turbo alternator for recent 2 months, and
the list of equipment and its particulars