Engineering Equipment India Consultants are pioneers in Boiler Life extension, Boiler components refurbishment and Boiler parts technology upgrade services for all steam, hot water, and thermal fluid boilers and all of your boiler house installation.

We assess all types and all brands Boiler Repair, Boiler renovation, Boiler parts refurbishment. Our experts are capable of providing solutions that result in an increased life expectancy of at least 20 years to an aging boiler and associated equipment.

Boiler Life Extension

Boiler Life Extension project includes:

  • Boiler and boiler components residual life assessment
  • Boiler efficiency analysis and  reporting
  • Refurbishment of  the boiler & process plant components
  • Replacement of the boiler equipment, process equipment or other ancillary equipment which is damaged.
  • Redesign, modify, repair and replacement of parts to the latest technology

EEI experts also carry out steam  piping condition assessment, spray attemperator inspection, tube wall thickness examination, hydrogen damage detection, residual life prediction, evaluation of  recycling boiler, non- destructive tube life prediction and boiler fitness survey.

EEI’s Life Extension project’s advantages

  • Regain lost steam generation for many years to come
  • Schedule outage to implement the recommended methods and solutions
  • Boiler and its components will function close to the rated capacity.

Boiler refurbishment project undertaken by EEI consultants

Houston, Texas To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

COMBUSTION ENGINEERING, USA MAKE, 1997 BOILER. Located at ABITIBI Paper Mill, Shelden, Houston, Texas.

Boiler Capacity 75TPH at 63 kg/cm2 (g) pressure and 455 Deg C Temperature, Natural Gas fired.

Shipped to Middle East Paper Company, Jeddah, KSA, refurbished to fire HFO through PLC.

The refurbished boiler is in services since 2013.

The following refurbishment is carried out:-

  • Gas burning system is replaced with HFO burning system.
  • Burner Management system with PLC is incorporated.
  • Super heater heating area modified.
  • Deaerator introduced.
  • HFO pumping and heating unit introduced.
  • Soot blowers are incorporated in Economizer.
  • Flue gas ducting layout changed to suit the location.
  • New stack introduced.
  • Non-metallic expansion bellows introduced.

Before Refurbishment

After Refurbishment with general arrangement and detail of boiler,
age of the boiler,
no. of outage in a year/ 5yrs.
Copy of log sheets for recent 2 months.