Consultancy Services

EEI has engineers and technocrats who are experienced for more than 50 years in boilers. This experience is our asset.

Our team of engineers are experts and have worldwide knowledge on the best boilers manufacturers in the industry and how an existing boiler and the new technology can be merged and managed.


In the operational life of a boiler ensuring efficient operation is critical to optimize the fuel costs. Mostly, boilers don’t work at its rated efficiency; it has been found that boilers operate at much lower than the rated efficiencies if efficiency monitoring is not done.


EEI method of automated on-site system eradicates delays, misconception and human errors and is finest technique to detect hydrogen damage zone.

Residual Life Assessment (RLA) is to assess the present condition of the boiler and boiler parts, and the remaining life of the boiler pressure parts. RLA is important to maintain the efficient operation of a process plant and avoid failure of critical equipment like pressure vessels, piping, storage tank, valves, pumps, compressors, boilers, turbine, which lead to losses because of the downtime.


Life extension programme will add further decades to an ageing boiler and associated equipment. By the replacement /repairs of damaged equipment the life of boilers and equipment are reliable for at least next 20 years. When this programme is completed, your Boiler and related equipment will function close to the rated capacity.


Power Plant

Engineering Equipment India is a buyer and seller of new, used and power plants- gas turbines and thermal. Our services include inspections, procurement, overhauling, refurbishment and evaluation of upgraded alternatives. We work with end users and power plant owners to assist in the buying, selling, re-engineering, installation and commissioning. The utilization of refurbished and used power plants enables EEI to provide developers of power plants, the benefits of cost and time savings compared to new equipment.


EEI offers operation and maintenance services to power plants in India and UAE and Saudi Arabia


We are providing the specialised services to acquire Explosive License in all kind of Explosive/ Petroleum Products.