Steps in manufacturing cement

  1. Quarrying and transportation of Raw materials to process plant
  2. Manufacture and processing of raw/ recycled materials
  3. Transportation of finished product

Cement Manufacturing.

A raw mill is an equipment used to grind raw materials into “Raw Mix” during the manufacture of cement. Dry raw mills technology allows minimization of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Crushed raw material and additives are transported to raw mill hoppers through the belt converyors. The raw material contains a certain amount of natural moisture. This Moisture is removed through Hot-air furnace or kiln pre-heater before grinding the materials. After the Dry chamber the Raw materials enter various stages of grinding chamber before it enters the Grit separator. Here the powdered raw material and the unwanted materials are separated and sent to cone shaped cyclone separator which separates fine and unfine materials. The unfine materials are sent to baghouse for reprocessing. The fine materials are sent through pneumatic conveyor to Silo.

Some equipment required for Cement Manufacturing. The equipment in blue is manufactured by us.

  1. Coal yard and raw coal hopper:

Coal is stored in a yard is dumped in a hopper and supplies the coal to the coal crusher. This hopper vibrates to sends the coal in batches through a belt conveyor.

  1. Coal crusher:

The large coal is crushed to the required small size.

  1. Raw coal hopper and table feeder:

Raw coal hopper stores the crushed raw coal material. Table feeder is attached at the bottom of the raw coal hopper to supply the coal in batch quantity to the coal mill.

  1. Coal grinding ball mill :

Raw coal materials are fed into rotating cylinder through hollow shaft neck. Due to centrifugal force and friction, the medium and raw material is pushed to move from feeding side to discharging side.  The Induced draft fan is connected with discharging side to form negative pressure so that the pulverized coal will be taken out with the pumping air by Blowers.

  1. Classifier:

The grinded coal from mill fed into the classifier. Classifier separates the coal as fine and unfine material.  unfine material is send back to coal mill with the help of girt return belt conveyor for grinding. Fine material is sent to Cyclone separator.

  1. Cyclone and dust collector:

After the fine material enters the cyclone separator from classifier fine coal is sent to the dust collector.

  1. Screw conveyor:

Through screw conveyor, the fine coal from the cyclone and dust collector are sent to Fine coal hopper, And through weigh feeders the coal are send to kiln and precalciner. 65% coal is sent to calciner and 35% coal is sent to the kiln.

  1. Preheater

Pyro processing is a process in which materials are subjected to high temperatures in order to bring about a chemical change. The raw material mix is fed to a kiln where pyro processing takes place.


To save energy, modern cement plants preheat the materials before they enter the kiln rising more than 200feet, hot exit gases from the kiln heat the raw materials. 3 or more preheaters are installed to raise the temperature of the material before it enters the kiln.

  1. Kiln

Kiln is the heart of the cement making process a horizontal sloped steel cylinder lined with fire brick turning from about one to three revolutions per minute. High degree of heat triggers chemical and physical changes that converts the calcium and silicon oxidesin to calciumsilicates, cement’s primary constituents. At the lower end of the kiln, the raw materials emerge as a new substance: red hot particles called clinker.

  1. Gate cooler:

The clinker is cooled by forced air through the Induced draft fan. Several fans are also used in the cooling process. Waste heat recovery system recovers the excess heat from this cooling process and recirculated back to the kiln or preheater tower.

  1. Clinker breaker & silo storage:

The bulk clinker material is crushed into required size and stored in the silo.

  1. Clinker grinding (cement mill)

A cement mill is an equipment used to grind the hard, nodular clinker from the kiln area into the fine grey powder that is Cement.