Burner Management System (BMS)

The Burner management system is designed to perform the safety of the boiler i.e. protection and interlocking as well. BMS will control and supervise operation of the auxiliary burner by controlling specified operational functions (start-up, shutdown etc.) and sequences, checking & identifying unsafe conditions and issuing commands to appropriate systems or devices to revert them to safe condition.

All the permissive interlocks are carried out by the PLC. Trip interlocks for boiler and all the burner valves Open /Close Commands are issued by the PLC.

The BMS will perform the following functions

  • Boiler Trip Activated (Logic In BMS PLC)
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Permissive for Starting Burner
  • Main Interlock Satisfied
  • Purge Interlock Conditions
  • Oil Interlocks
  • Fuel Oil Header Trip Valve, & Fuel Oil Diverting (Return) Valve Control
  • Burner Firing Start

Fuel Firing Equipment

EEI has designed Fuel firing equipment to fire natural gas, LPG, biogas, blast furnace gas and carbon monoxide to fire LDO, HSD, HFO and LSHS either alone or in combination in a furnace with high combustion efficiency and low NOx emission.

Dual Gas cum Oil Burner

EEI, with a single nozzle, has been able to fire 5000 kg/hr of furnace oil with steam as the atomizing medium, and achieve a 1:8 turndown ratio, without affecting the pressure parts of the boiler.

Dual fuel firing means firing two fuels at the same time and under control. Boilers that can fire gas or oil are two fuel boilers and they can fire gas or they can fire oil but they can’t fire both at the same time.

To fire two fuels at once you have to have a full metering system. In addition you need a fuel flow summer that combines the two fuel flow signals so the total fuel flow is the feedback signal to the fuel controllers and to the high selector of the air flow controller. One of the two fuels has to be considered the primary fuel and the other fuel flow signal has to be adjusted with a gain so it produces an output that equates to the air flow demand of the primary fuel.

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