Ammonia Chiller/ Absorption Refrigeration System

EEI has designed and manufactured Industrial Ammonia Chillers with evaporating and condensing temperatures +10 to –45° C. A customizable PLC control system ensures optimum performance, with HMI touch screen interface and internet connection available for remote monitoring.

Ammonia as a refrigerant has application in industrial settings, primarily in the petrochemical and even pharmaceutical sectors (also in the food processing and food distribution sectors).

Ammonia Chillers work as a complete refrigeration system.  Ammonia Chilling Plant are Absorption refrigerators, compact and skid mounted and are usable for a wide temperature range from medium to low temperature process cooling applications, like pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, food processing, beverages, food and drink production, temperature controlled Food storage as well as food processing, freezer warehouses and is ideal for new build, extension and retrofit projects, building services, distribution and process cooling, food storage in recreational vehicles, cold storage, ice making, industrial gases as well as medium temperature application like HVAC, Plastics, Concrete cooling etc. The principle can also be used to air-condition buildings using the waste heat from a gas turbine or water heater.

Ammonia has superior thermo dynamic properties and ammonia refrigeration systems are more efficient (3-10%) than most traditional and newer refrigerants in a wide range of evaporating and condensing temperatures (+10 to –45° C);  Using waste heat from a gas turbine makes the turbine very efficient because it first produces electricity, then hot water, and finally, air-conditioning (called cogeneration/ trigeneration).

Ammonia Chillers was developed for environmentally conscious end users. Ammonia is a refrigerant available naturally with zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential.  Chilling system is suitable for cooling both water and glycol. This ensures that the client’s energy bills are kept to a minimum.  Ammonia Chilling Plant is easy to install and doesn’t require a machine room.

Ammonia chiller is available as an air-cooled or water-cooled unit with cooling capacity from 1TR to 210TR. Our chillers feature excellent performance, reliability, and low maintenance. It offers exceptional operating efficiency and has a robust construction designed to provide over 20 years of hassle-free performance.

Advantages of Ammonia Chillers

  • Ammonia refrigeration systems cost 10-20% less to install than systems using alternative industrial refrigerants.
  • Zero ODP, Zero GWP, low TEWI
  • No cumulative effects on the environment
  • Ammonia has few days of atmospheric lifetime (it is considered to be “biodegradable.”)
  • Even the slightest traces of ammonia in the air can be easy detected due to its pungent odor! with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Liquid Ammonia pressure, temperature and flow,
Chilling medium- pressure and temperature