Air & Oil Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE/ OCHE)

EEI has designed, manufactured and supplied air coolers upto 23,95,000 kcal/hr with the cooling efficiency of 83% .

Industrial Air & Oil Coolers are either fixed tube sheet or U-tube construction, meeting the requirement of HEI and TEMA codes of practice. Our scope of manufacture ranges from rotary air coolers & finned type air coolers.  The coolers are designed to meet customer specific requirements. Cooler can be designed for a complex gas stream, from a chemical process or a simple stream coming from a landfill.

The industrial oil coolers are classified as lube oil coolers, hydraulic coolers, used for industrial and commercial application. These coolers are designed manufactured as per ASME, HEI, TEMA and API codes of practice.

Oil Heat Exchangers/ Hydraulic oil coolers

Hydraulic oil coolers are widely used in agricultural, mobile, manufacturing, and industrial setups. The excess heat generated in the system is removed through these types of heat exchangers. The coolers are often essential for designing temperature-optimized hydraulic systems to keep oil temperatures within a limited range. Maintenance of requisite temperature will enhance the performance and protects environment.

  • Maintaining the correct temperature keeps oil at its recommended viscosity, ensuring mechanical components are properly lubricated and hydraulic devices run at peak efficiency. Letting oil temperature rise beyond recommended limits can reduce the life of a system due to poor lubrication, higher internal leakage, a higher risk of cavitation, and damaged components.
  • Keeping temperatures down also helps ensure the oil and other components last longer. Excess heat can degrade hydraulic oil, form harmful varnish on component surfaces, and deteriorate rubber and elastomeric seals.
  • Operating within recommended temperature ranges increases a hydraulic system’s availability and efficiency, improving equipment productivity.
  • Finally, with more machine uptime and fewer shutdowns, it reduces service and repair costs. with the following details for techno- commercial offer
Medium to be cooled- water/ gas/ air/ oil, pressure, temperature, flow of the medium
Cooling medium- Chilled water- pressure and temperature